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Pens for sale

Updated July 3, 2018

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The following pens are sold on commission.

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Pregnant Parker #47 Lucky Curve

#47PREG: #47 Parker Lucky Curve "Pregnant" Parker with mother-of-pearl and a gold overlay cap with floral design, ca 1910. A curved finish that creates a bulge on the pen body, held down by two ornamented gold bands. The cap has an 18k gold overlay in a floral design with a name plate for engraving. It cost $10 back in the day. One of the most iconic and beautiful Parker pens of all time. You seldom see these for sale. Some discolouration on the end rubber, and a professionally made personalisation on the shield. Otherwise in fantastic condition. The pen has not been cleaned. The owner lives in the US, but international shipping can be arranged. Click the image for five hi-res pictures.
PRICE: The seller will consider offers.


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