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anfangn 2004 Parker introduced the Vector XL and Vector 3-in-1. It was a fat, very stylized pen that had a moulded plastic barrel with a stainless steel section and chrome coloured trim. The Parker XL was offered as a twist action ball point pen.

The Parker 3-in-1 was offered either with two ball pen colours, black and blue, and a 0,7 millimeter pencil, or as a blue ball point pen, pencil and pda-stylus. It was operated with a cap button to actuate writing mode and a side button to retract. It had a simple, stylised clip reminiscent of the 1930's Parkette and Duo-tone.

parker IM | Parker 3-in-1 | Parker Profile | Parker XL

Parker I.M., aka Profile aka Vector mkII aka Parker XL in Cool Water, Royal Blue, Amarath Purple, Crystal Amber and Silver Grey. Last a Parker 3-in-one in Amarath Purple, 2008.

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The 2004 finishes:
romb Tranquil Indigo (blue), (offered as XL only)
romb Celadon Ice (off-white)
romb Volcanic Smoke (aubergine)

anfangn 2005 the line was enhanced with two new body colours, Cool Water and Crystal Amber, these two were offered as gel-pens only, while The Indigo now was also offered as a 3-in-1.

The 2005 finishes:
romb Tranquil Indigo
romb Celadon Ice (not offerted as red, black and pencil 3-in-1)
romb Volcanic Smoke (aubergine)
romb Cool Water (gel only)
romb Crystal Amber (gel only)

anfangn 2006 the XL and 3-in-1 was batched together as the I.M. (in the US) and the Profile (in the UK). IM stands both for "Instant Message" and according to Parker, it can also be read as "I'm", for a very personal pen. It has also been referred to as the Vector MkII. The I.M. was now also offered as a fountain pen and roller ball.

The 2006 finishes:
romb Royal Blue (fp, rb, XL bp, 3-in-1: red bp/black bp/pencil)
romb Amaranth Purple (fp, rb)
romb Deep Black (fp, rb, XL bp, 3-in-1: red bp/black bp/pencil, blue bp/pencil/stylus)
romb Silver Grey (fp, rb, XL bp, 3-in-1: red bp/black bp/pencil)
romb Crystal Amber (XL gel)
romb Cool water (XL gel)

anfangThis line-up remained until 2008.

In 2009 the Parker I.M. was redesigned. The stylized arrow clip was removed and replaced with a sleek clip with fins and a very narrow end-arrow. The clip screw was still wide and tapered with the clip a bit lower down on the body.

anfanghe cap ring was wider and the fountain pen and roller ball had an additional ring at the end. The ball point and pencil was now button actuated, the pencil taking 0.5 millimeter leads.

The 3-in-1 was discontinued. It was made from laquered brass with brushed metal section.

parker IM

New Parker IM, Gun Metal, 2009.

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The new 2009 finishes were:
romb Black CT
romb Black GT
romb Silver CT
romb Blue CT
romb Brushed Metal CT
romb Brushed Metal GT
romb Gun Metal CT
romb Shiny Chrome CT

anfanglready in 2007 200 workers at the Newhaven factory had been made redundant and parts of the production were moved to Shanghai in China, mainly ink and Jotter assembly. These pens lack the "Made in"-imprint.

When the Parker Newhaven factory was finally shut down in the Autumn of 2010 the complete production range had moved to the Waterman factory in Nantes and to Shanghai. The Premium range was the first design solely manufactured in China; Premium Jotter, Premium Urban, Premium Vector and Premium IM.

anfanghe IM Premium was offered in three finishes on laquered brass, highlighted by chrome coloured trim. Fountain pens, ball pens and roller balls were manufactured.

The Parker IM Premium range:
romb Premium Deep gun metal chiselled
romb Premium Shiny chrome chiselled
romb Premium Twin chiselled.

Updated July 6, 2011

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